Hopeless by Colleen Hoover



My rating: 4 stars, Shay will definitely be re-reading her favourite parts.

In Canada, where I live, we sell books in a store called Chapters. One of the largest Chapters in my city was shutting down a year and a half ago and it was a sad time for me. However, I took advantage and purchased a bunch of books at a killer price. One of them was this gem.

Initially, Hopeless starts as a girl-meets-bad-boy-and-bad-boy-is-suddenly-infatuated story. Rather cliche but come on, we’re all guilty of adoring these novels. So I wasn’t particularly displeased, however, I do expect bigger things from bestselling authors. It wasn’t until the last third of the rather thick novel that I got my money’s worth. (Even if I only spent a few dollars on this one).

The book takes a turn from romantic teen fic to a rather complicated mystery. And all of a sudden everything makes perfect sense in its own delusional way and the story becomes everything you ever wanted.

From a writer’s standpoint, I think Hoover was clever in hooking her readers in by making them fall hard for Sky and Holder. They become such extreme goals that they HAVE to be together or you’ll like self-combust or something. And then she throws in the complicated mystery and you hold on for dear life because you need your favourite couple together so bad.

So yes, I really enjoyed this story and finished it between the hours of 10 pm to 4 am, took a break, and read for another hour the next morning. I was hooked.

Read the novel, you won’t be disappointed.



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