Dear Future Wattpad Writers… Please Save Us From Sh***y Titles

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Titles like: ‘The Billionaire’s Daughter’s Aunt’s Cousin’ are just cringe-worthy. Of course I’m exaggerating a little because I was worried the title I made up would actually be a real story and I didn’t want to directly offend that author. For all I know it could be a wonderful book.

But titles like that make me roll my eyes. So we’re only reading the story because it’s about a wealthy kid? Or we’re only reading it because the main guy is an ‘alpha’. Of course, the story could be about a wealthy person or an alpha wolf but why must the title be so… blah. To be honest, I only ever open those stories if I need something stupid and cute to read and am too lazy to focus on a well-written piece.

I apologize if you practice these titles and I’ve offended you. But what were you expecting when you stamped on such an unoriginal name on a story you’ve sweated hours creating? Where’s your self respect? Titles mean everything.

In Hollywood, they have a film registry and once you’ve registered the film title, it’s off limits to other producers. One of my professors was paid a million dollars for his client’s film title because it was so crucial to that movie.

So why not take the opportunity and create a million dollar title? Why ride the current when you could stand out in the crowd? Maybe you’re worried you won’t get as many reads. But to be honest some of the most popular (and greatest) Wattpad stories have incredible titles. Puck You, Like Hell, Million Dollar Man, Dorm Room 210, Illegal My Ass, Late Summer Rain, All I’ve Never Wanted just to name a few.

I changed Maybe I’m Starstruck, Maybe You Love Me to Starstruck Summer because I thought the title was too cliche and annoying. It was begging for reads and not really labelling the story properly. Yes, the story is about Kassidy and Seth but it’s about more than that. It’s about Kassidy’s introduction into the music world and the harshness of celebrity life. It’s a summer she’ll never forget.

So take the challenge, create an incredible story and don’t mistreat it. Give it a worthy title that will make you proud.



8 thoughts on “Dear Future Wattpad Writers… Please Save Us From Sh***y Titles

  1. I relate to this on many levels. I wrote one of my stories using a cliche title that I even think is stupid, because I thought I’d fish out reads by that. And yes it did. I’m gonna change the title when I’m finished with the second draft of my novel.

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  2. Well unfortunately…many readers still click on that story with a cliche title. I have a story with an unusual title and, it didn’t get as much reads with those cliche-titled ones haha… But whatever, I’m done with those kind of titles, it’s not good.


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