Follow-up to my Valentine’s Day story

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So I went on a mini rant last night because my best friend’s boyfriend said some horrible things to me and hurt my feelings pretty bad… read it here. From here on let us call my best friend Selena and her boyfriend Justin.

Basically, after the whole fiasco I confided in two people. My friend who knows Selena and Justin but isn’t very close to them. And one of my guy friends who happens to be friends with Justin. I sent them screenshots of what he sent me and asked them what they thought.

They couldn’t see what I did wrong either and thought he was way out of line. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that it wasn’t so much Justin at fault as it was Selena.

She shouldn’t have been using me as her defence in their arguments. She shouldn’t have been telling him the things I said. She was the one to throw me under the bus and walk away. So I called her after work today.

We argued for a few minutes. She said she hadn’t meant to make me look bad or hurt my feelings. She brought up some things that happened at the party that I won’t go into because this post will just become too long. Besides, the party wasn’t the basis of our argument. So we argued I told her I thought it was her fault he hated me so much and I asked her what I had possibly done to be called a ‘terrible’ person. She said she didn’t know and we finally calmed down. We talked it out and she apologized to me. She said she’d speak to Justin.

Five minutes ago Justin called me and apologized.

The moral of this story?

Stand the fuck up for yourself.

Because nobody else will. I could have just told Selena I was through with her but I didn’t want to. I knew that it would upset me to lose her because she and I are really good friends. And we haven’t ever had real problems until Justin.

So I told Justin that we should have a clean slate and that I already told Selena that I want to be as far away from their relationship as possible. He said okay and he apologized again. I told him I appreciate his apology and that I was willing to get over it.

So there you have it friends. Part two and hopefully the final part of my dramatic V-Day.


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