21 Facts Before Turning 21

Director Commentary


In a couple hours I will no longer be 20. I always get overly emotional the day before, just watching my age tick by and all of a sudden it’s gone and I’m a year older. So here are 21 facts about me at 20 that I may find interesting in the future. And that you may find interesting right now.

  1. The top played song in my iTunes library is Chocolate by the 1975 (played 137 times)
  2. The last concert I went to was Kygo
  3. The next concert I’m going to is Robin Schulz
  4. I have a law mid-term on Tuesday
  5. The last show I watched was Keeping Up With The Kardashians (lol)
  6. The last people I spoke to on the phone were my grandparents
  7. The last thing I bought was ice cream (yaaasss)
  8. I went to the gym today
  9. I went on the best trip of my life at 20 (Euro Trip 2K15)
  10. The last text I sent was “Not exactly. Prob like 3000” (I’ll let you wonder)
  11. The last movie I saw was How To Be Single
  12. I read Starstruck Summer last night (parts of it) and cringed at all the mistakes I made while writing it (it will be taken down in less than 48 hours)
  13. I am currently listening to Fast Car by Tobtok ft. River
  14. I am currently reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (for class)
  15. I will be uploading chapter 28 of Don’t Let Me Go tonight
  16. The last story I worked on was my new werewolf one (I will be posting it up very soon yaay)
  17. My taste in music changed drastically this year (from alt/indie rock to deep house)
  18. I’m drinking mint tea right now (yum)
  19. The last place I travelled to was New York
  20. My next planned trip is California in the summaaa
  21. I’m kind of excited to turn 21.

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