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So some of you lovelies might have already noticed but I finally posted my new werewolf story Alaska on Wattpad. I’m beyond excited for you to read it! Here’s the little description thing.

Alaska’s life is normal-ish.

She’s taking a gap year, her mother and stepfather are the greatest parents ever, she digs her job and she’s crazy about Kyle, her boyfriend of four years.

But when Kyle turns into a huge wolf in front of her eyes nothing is the same again.

Thrown head first into the world of werewolves she discovers ties she never dreamed possible. Including being mated to the next ruler of the werewolf kingdom, Prince Jacobi.

His royal highness has made it very obvious that he wants her. But Alaska’s heart lies with Kyle, or at least she thinks it does.

But soon she’ll come to realize that she has much bigger problems in her hands than a twisted love triangle with her royal mate and the supposed love of her life.

My aim with this one is to explore the supernatural/fantasy genre the best way that I can. So I’ve made up a lot of my own werewolf ‘laws’ and ‘sciences’. I’m just a little sick of reading stories about overprotective, possessive, domineering mates who try to control their girls and the girls so blatantly allow them. This one will be different.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still throwing in that cheesy love stuff because come on we all love to read it and I enjoy writing it too. But it will NOT be the centre of the story. My main character, Alaska, will be. The story is about her. No other POVs or anything like that.

Anyway, I hope you will give it a chance and check it out. And don’t worry the updates will come regularly because I’ve already written nearly 20 chapters and yet to come across writer’s block (thank the lord) (let’s hope this doesn’t jinx it).

But yeah give it a read and share your thoughts with me!


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