17 things I would tell my high school self

Director Commentary


My friend was writing a post like this today and I thought it would be a good one to share with my readers, especially those who are in or about to go into high school. A lot of these are responses to diary entries I’ve written in high school.

  1. Your dad is human and he will make mistakes.
    Growing up you always got upset with your parents (particularly your dad) but were forced to listen to them because it was just how it worked. For the most part, they were usually right. Especially when you were younger. But now that you’re twenty-one you’ve come to realize that your father isn’t the perfect, well-rounded person you always thought he was. He is a good man and he is very smart but he makes mistakes and you’ll learn to take his advice but also think for yourself. A lot of your diary posts are you upset with your dad. They’re very trivial issues but he really aggravated you. Still, his lectures and punishments are what really helped you get into the university of your choice and become the person you are today so don’t be too hard on him.
  2. Don’t lose your temper when arguing with your parents.
    Being calm and composed is the best thing you can do when explaining an issue or standing up for yourself in arguments. Crying, yelling and being rude will only make things worse. Just be reasonable, you have a crazy good knack for seeing both sides of the story so just be you, take a HUGE breath and calmly explain your side of the story. You’ll be surprised by how far you’ll get.
  3. Most of the time your parents’ threats are empty.
    For example, you were really upset when your mom told you that you wouldn’t be able to drive to school when you have a license because she would need the car. You weren’t getting your license for a whole year and you were already worrying about it. Don’t worry about things that are so far ahead! When you get your license you will have access to the car 99% of the time. I promise.
  4. Front bangs are a bad idea. 
  5. Periods suck. Use it as an excuse to skip school (lol shh don’t tell anyone I said that)
  6. Keep writing.
    Creative, personal, poetry, everything. P.S. when you write personal stuff, remember to remind yourself that you were a happy person. It’s important to vent but it’s also important to jot down your happiness and good experiences.
  7. You’re not ugly or overweight so chill.
    I promise.
  8. Losing your best friend does hurt like a bitch but you’ll get over it.
    It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend. You feel hollow and heartbroken and can’t stop thinking about her. But you’ll get over it and you’ll make even better friends. Sometimes you just need to let go, remember that.
  9. You’re going to change your mind about university a thousand times.
    But in the end you’ll pick what is truly right for you. If you hated something in high school, chances are the subject will become 100X worse so don’t put yourself in a shitty situation. *cough* forget bio *cough*
  10. Keeping going to concerts! 
    I know you’re spending all your money on concert tickets but music is l i f e so keep it that way.
  11. Boys are weird.
    They still are. Don’t waste too much time worrying about them, barely any of them will be in your life past graduation.
  12. Keep reading.
    It’s what will help you in becoming a better writer.
  13. You won’t be a cashier forever.
    I know you hate your job but that job helps you make amazing friends and will help you get better positions in the future. You work somewhere cool now, so don’t worry.
  14. The cool people in high school become irrelevant after graduation so don’t pay them any mind. Keep your real friends by your side.
  15. But don’t burn bridges if you can help it.
    You will run into people and you want to be able to smile at them and say hello.
  16. Have good relationships with your teachers.
    They are the ones who can give you an extra mark here or there to help you get into your dream school. Plus, you need someone to review your essays before submitting your university applications.
  17. Growing up sounds like the worst thing ever but your youth will be around for a while.
    You’re 21 now and still feeling like an inexperienced baby so don’t worry, you won’t grow up too fast.

These were issues that really bothered me in high school and if you’re going through similar things I hope these will help you.


3 thoughts on “17 things I would tell my high school self

  1. I’m just going through all your blogs, and these lists that you make to your younger self, and other ones just really are helping me out right now. Thank you. High schools is killing me right now, especially since I just moved to a new state 7 months ago.


    1. aw i’m glad that they’re resonating with you! just remember things like high school are only temporary and will be over before you know it, there’s so much more ahead of you!


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