Working on a new short story!

Director Commentary

I know, I know I already have two uncompleted stories on my page, why add another one? Because I want to! I am feeling super guilty for not updating Don’t Let Me Go btw but I’m at a major writer’s block with that one. I’m hoping come May I’ll be able to settle my issues with it because I won’t have school weighing me down anymore.


I already have a few chapters written for this story and I’m super excited to share it. It was influenced by the song 18 by Anarbor. Linked below.

It’s gonna be about an eighteen-year-old wild child that doesn’t get along with her rich parents and moves in with a hot singer of a low-key indie band. It’s gonna be humorous and fun. Short, sweet but also not-so-sweet.

Here are some details ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Our main girl is named Arabella
  • Our main boy is named Cooper
  • It will be a dual POV story
  • Each chapter will be titled after an Arctic Monkeys song ๐Ÿ˜‰ *cough* hence her name *cough*
  • You’ll have a love/hate relationship with Arabella
  • You’ll probably have a love/love relationship with Cooper
  • It’s not going to have a typical ending because I want to breakaway from that Wattpad trend for once
  • May or may not have a sequel, I haven’t even finished writing it yet!

So yeah I’m SUUPER excited to share it. Should be posted in early May. So stay tuned.


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