Trapped Bonus Excerpt (The Proposal)

Director Commentary, Extra Footage, trapped

So I was getting a lot of comments asking for a proposal scene between Carson and Harley. And I am a writer of the people so of course I complied. Originally, I’d written this in reply to a comment for a proposal. Of course, that was lost in the sea of other comments so I pulled it up and decided to post it here so it’s easily found for future readers and re-readers.


Carson pulled me into the dense New York City crowd.

I grimaced finding it too cluttered and touristy to even breathe but I didn’t complain because of the look in his eyes. He was acting strange and I wanted to see what was up.

“Carson!” I screeched as he pulled us to a sudden halt causing the man behind me to bump into me with a grunt.

“Harley!” He replied in a high pitched voice, mocking me.

“What was that for?” I crossed my arms.

“Look up.”


“Look up.” He repeated with a nervous smile on his lips.

I frowned in puzzlement but decided to comply since I knew he wouldn’t stop nagging me otherwise.

A gasp parted my lips when my eyes landed on the big projectors in Times Square.

Everyone was watching us.

My heart started to pound… It couldn’t be…

I sucked in a breath when I glanced down and found Carson on one knee.

“Harley. Rollerblades.” He smirked before taking a deep breath. “The day you opened up to me in detention was the day my life toppled upside down. You showed me the world and helped me become a better man. I’ve been crazy in love with you since I was eighteen years old and I know my feelings will never change. Harley, if you let me I’ll love you until we’re old and grey. I’ve found my home in you and I promise you will always have your home in me. I’ll spend every waking moment of my life making sure our home is filled with laughter, happiness and love. I want to spend the rest of my life cruising the world with you, Rollerblades. Harley, will you marry me?”

Tears were already trekking down my cheeks. I wiped them away, blubbering like an idiot. But I didn’t care.

I nodded yes, unable to utter the words from my lips. Words, thoughts, oxygen had all escaped me. Carson revealed the most stunning diamond ring I had ever laid my eyes on. He slipped it easily onto my left ring finger.

He stood and the massive crowds around us roared into applause. He wrapped me in his arms and twirled us around effortlessly; his lips capturing my own in a deep, everlasting kiss.

Carson King was mine. Forever.


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