Best Stories I Read On Wattpad This Year

Director Commentary

I’m MOSTLY sure that I read these stories this year but it’s possible that some were read in 2015. Either way, I loved these ones and think they’re definitely worth a read. They won’t be in any particular order.

There aren’t very many here simply because I haven’t had much time to read this year and also because (I hate to say this) a lot of the stories I’ve read on Wattpad have been sub-par. Perhaps, I need to look harder for the hidden gems because I’m certain they’re out there.

If there are any stories you think are as good as these ones and that I must check out, please let me know! (If they’re completed all the better).

  1. Puck You by PeytonNovak

    What I loved about this story was that the romance wasn’t rushed. You wait around for a while wondering if your OTP will ever get together. It’s well written and definitely a fun read.

  2. Chasing Red by isabelleronin

    This is sort of long but super well written so definitely worth the read. Will give you feels for sure.

  3. The Alpha’s Oracle by merrywombat

    Possibly the best werewolf story I’ve ever read on Wattpad. The main character, Gabel, is ruthless and it’s almost too much but not just. I really loved that the emphasis of this story was on the STORY and not the romance.

  4. Alpha Kaden by Midika

    This was interesting because of the emphasis on the tricks and games played by the Alpha. I will admit to enjoying the beginning of this one more than the end but it’s a good read, either way.

  5. Omerta – Book I by katrocks247

    I’m still waiting for this one to update which is frustrating but I really loved it. The gangs, the danger, the violence, the lust it all works together to make a captivating story. Similar to The Alpha’s Oracle the violent leading man is almost TOO much but I overlooked it.


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