Favourite Classic Book

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My rating: 5 stars. Would reread several times.

I’ve read quite a few classic stories these past few years. Mainly, because I had to complete an English minor for school and many of the required readings were pieces of classic literature. My favourite story that I’ve read amongst all of them is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Jane Eyre was written in the 1800s but was so ahead of its time that it’s very admirable. I found myself respecting the main character’s opinions and as a result, admiring Charlotte Bronte.

I’m also a sucker for romantic novels and found it to be one of the most romantic classic stories I’ve read. The Bronte sisters have a knack for writing tragedies and while this one isn’t a walk in the park, it still delivers a brilliant romance.

I will admit that I watched the movie before reading the novel so the image I had of Mr. Rochester was skewed by the Hollywood actor, Michael Fassbender. Nevertheless, I admired Rochester’s character and lack of judgement. In my opinion, he and Jane were the perfect match and everything in my heart and soul wanted them to be together so badly.

For my feminists out there, I truly believe you will appreciate this story and the strong-willed Jane Eyre. She is truly a powerful, historical female that readers can respect.


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