Which Story Should I Post Next?

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Alright so new year means new original story by yours truly. Spin-offs, old stories, and sequels aside, here’s a list of potential stories I’m thinking of uploading next and would love to know which you’d be more interested in reading.

The other night I was going through the collection of stories I’ve written and saved on my computer. I read a few of them and realized I’m willing to re-write and finish them but the issue is I don’t know which one to focus on because I was impressed with more than one (younger me wasn’t such a bad writer).

This is where you come in. Which one would YOU like to read? Because I am ultimately posting it for you.

I’ve listed them by genre and rough description. I don’t have titles yet so I’ll just call them “potential”.

*Note: please don’t steal my ideas I’ve already written these stories so it will be a copyright infringement

Potential #1

Genre: Romance

Description: Alex has grown up with ghosts in her closet that haunt her everyday. She’s worked hard to be the poster-child perfect daughter, friend and girlfriend. But when her golden-boy boyfriend’s dark, moody brother comes back to town her world turns upside down. Riley has been to hell and back and Alex realizes he is the only person that could ever understand her. Their unbreakable bond risks ruining both their lives as they know it. But maybe Alex’s picture perfect life hasn’t been so perfect all these years. And maybe Riley is worth giving up everything.

Note: told in Alex and Riley’s POVs

Potential #2 

Genre: Adventure/General Fiction

Description: After superstar Nolan Pierce is admitted to the hospital for a drug overdose he realizes he doesn’t have much time before his body gives up on him. Years of alcohol and drug abuse have taken a toll on him. He pours his story on a cynical nurse whose last idea of fun is babysitting a spoiled brat. But as Nolan’s story unravels she begins to realize that Nolan has been society’s biggest victim. A sad story about the hardship of fame.

Note: told in nurse’s POV as she listens and Nolan’s POV as he tells his story. Will not be a romance between the characters*

Potential #3 

Genre: Adventure

Description: When Brylie goes home one afternoon to run a silly errand for her erratic mother she walks right into an armed robbery. A group of young thieves ransacking her house are startled when Brylie catches them and don’t have any choice but to drag her with them. Brylie realizes the only way to get out of this mess is to pretend she’s becoming like the delinquents who abducted her. But as Brylie grows close to their serious leader, Claude, she realizes she’s no longer pretending. You know what they say, if you can’t beat them – join them.

Note: Brylie’s POV only

Potential #4 

Genre: Romance/General Fiction

Description: In high school Kellin and Kelsey were high school sweethearts. Good girl Kelsey and bad boy Kellin were the dream couple who thought the world was their playground. That is until Kelsey got pregnant and Kellin backed out. Now, two years later Kellin realizes he’s made a huge mistake and is ready to be there for Kelsey and the child he left behind. Only, Kelsey has moved on too and wants nothing to do with him. Determined to get his family back, Kellin will do anything to make things right again – especially when Kelsey’s life comes toppling down and she needs him more than ever.

Notes: Kellin and Kelsey’s POVs

Potential #5 

Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance

Description: Kenneth McGiver only had one real friend at school – Holly. Aside from her, he was the biggest joke at school – constantly taunted and bullied. One day, Kenneth leaves without telling anyone, a year later he returns. Gone is the lanky boy with braces and a bad hair cut, in his place is a fit and handsome man nobody saw coming. The new Kenneth has bite, shocking everyone. Everybody is intrigued to get to know the new boy except for Holly who wants nothing to do with him. Too bad Holly is the only person he wants anything to do with.

Notes: Told in Holly’s POV. Haven’t really developed this one too much so still need to figure out an overall plot. Just have that general idea right now.

Let me know which of these you think I should pursue! (Comment here, on Wattpad or send me a personal message on Wattpad). Thank YOU. 



4 thoughts on “Which Story Should I Post Next?

  1. I know you posted Holly and Ken on Wattpad, but do you plan on updating these other stories, more specifically Potential #4


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