Would You Totally Kill Me If I Rewrite Trapped?

Director Commentary


The other night I went back to my short story Trapped, the superstar of my stories, and reread it. I scanned the hundreds of comments and found myself agreeing with several opinions, reactions and criticisms. Now, I find myself constantly thinking about the story and different ways in which I can make it better.

I started writing Trapped on December 2013, that means I was 18 years old. I’m almost 22 and have grown so much as a writer since then so I find myself criticizing my own writing when looking back. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of it that I really like and want to keep. But there’s also a lot of it that I think I can improve. And not just the small grammatical errors, I’m talking about some plot points too.

But I know so many people are invested in the current version and I don’t want to take away the story they love. After all, I am sharing the story for my readers.

So, would you totally kill me if I rewrote certain parts of Trapped? It might not be the same story you already know but it won’t be a completely new one either. I basically want to create a newer, more improved version of Trapped.

Let me know what you think, if too many people are opposed to the idea then I won’t touch it because my readers are the ones who turned it into such a success and I don’t want to let you down. I can live with it remaining the way it is. But I do think there’s room for improvement

This does not mean I will be extending it. Nor will I change the main concept of the story. I simply want to adjust the outcome of a certain chapter or two, a phrase here and there, and, of course work, on the grammatical errors while I’m at it.

So please share your thoughts with me!


3 thoughts on “Would You Totally Kill Me If I Rewrite Trapped?

  1. I think you should rewrite it sparately and keep the original but also have the new one, so those who reread the original and want you to keep it can continue to read it again the same way and then those who want it rewritten can have it. I’d be extremely interested in ready the new version but I also want to be able to read the original version again.


  2. Honestly, I think you should make a few minor corrections because I spotted some grammatical errors also. But I do love the story so much btw❤️ But about the part where Harley’s slut shaming: I think it you should keep it. Like you said, both girls were in the wrong. And I totally get it. And Harley didn’t really have a parental figure for half of her life so she can’t be perfect and knowing right from wrong yet. Plus, she’s still in high school so she still has a lot to know in life. So overall—yes, I think you should rewrite it but make a few minor changes to it like the grammatical errors and changing a few phrases you don’t like seems fine. But I love how the story flows (there are some comments about how their relationship seems to be developing quite fast but honestly, it seems pretty realistic to me for a fiction book. Just like you said—they shared so much to each other compared to people going on dates after 2 weeks.) and each and every character has their own wrongs/flaws but are still doing good. It’s a good way to teach people that all bad people are not all bad and not all good people are not all good, if that makes sense😂 I just hope this book gets published because you damn well deserve it. 🙂


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