Stop Stealing Music | Op-Ed

Director Commentary, Soundtrack

Stop stealing music.

Okay so I’m just as guilty as the next person for illegally downloading music during my time. I used to have LimeWire on my computer and I even did that whole YouTube → MP3 thing in high school. But to be fair, at the time music was expensive AF. You had to purchase CDs in order to listen to your favourite band or buy a single for $1.29 on iTunes if you wanted to keep things legal. And don’t get me wrong, I totally purchased music back then. But only from artists whom I truly adored at the time. Otherwise, I’d download away.

But times have changed and things are different now. Online streaming is totally free AND by doing it you’re still supporting the musicians and talent. I’m in a media program and am surrounded by fellow music lovers and media makers so most of my peers stream music and pay for their favourite tunes. Mainly, because listening to music that isn’t the highest of qualities is just painful for us media students. But also because a bunch of us want to work in the music industry (including myself) and we understand the importance of keeping the business alive. However, when I venture out of my field, I am shocked to see the amount of people who are still illegally downloading music.

Why is this still happening!?

You can argue that streaming is a rip-off and that the musicians barely see a penny of the profits. You’d be right for the most part but that’s because the streaming industry is just kicking off. In a business of music course my professor explained that musicians will begin profiting from streams when more people start using streaming services. A thousand streams doesn’t amount to much money but a million? Three million? Ten million? Now we’re talking.

If you want to listen to music without the internet you can easily pay for a streaming service ($10 or less) and you’ll get music at its finest quality AND you’ll still be supporting the artist and the industry. Isn’t it amazing that nowadays we’re able to listen to an unlimited amount of music for $10? Ten years ago $10 would only get you access to one album by one musician.

If you love music and want to keep the industry and its talented musicians around then do us all a favour and get on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or any other legal streaming service out there. It’s worth it, trust me.


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