Things You Didn’t Know About My Stories

Director Commentary

Each of my stories on Wattpad have a background story of their own because I incorporate so much of my life into them. Here are some random (and hopefully interesting) facts about my stories that you probably don’t know.


In Alaska, I named Prince Jacobi after a guy who worked at the same mall as me. Two of my female co-workers were fighting over him like he was the hottest shit and I thought it was funny.


In Trapped, Harley’s best friend, Lucy, is inspired by my childhood best friend and my math partner who were both Korean. (I’ve already explained this in the chapter in the author’s note).


In Holly & Ken, I chose the name ‘Holly’ because I wanted a two syllable name that ended with the ‘ee’ sound to make it seem like Barbie & Ken (if the cover font isn’t already obvious).

18, Crazy was inspired by the song 18 by Anarbor. (I also explain this in the first page of the story).


In Alaska, Connor’s character was based off of one of my old co-workers who was super cute and way too young for me (LOL!). He had naturally rosy cheeks, dark hair, dark eyes and obviously his name was Connor.


In Good Things Come In Threes, I based the town, Teakwood, off of my own town so many of the setting descriptions are very similar to my own neighbourhood, including stores and restaurants.


In The Wicked West Coast, I imagined Serena as Blake Lively and named her after the Gossip Girl character.


Serena from The Wicked West Coast is also my favourite of all the female characters I’ve ever created. I don’t know why, she just is.


In 18, Crazy, Tristan was inspired by young Chad Michael Murray in Gilmore Girls, whose character was also named Tristan. I always liked him and thought he and Rory would’ve been good together.


In Trapped, Harley’s father was somewhat inspired by Kurt Cobain. I purposely made him die at 27, like Kurt and the rest of The 27 Club. (Which a lot of readers actually noticed).


In Flight:3283 Delayed, I forced myself to create a blonde protagonist. I don’t know why a blonde lead never appealed to me but I sucked it up and did it. (Although Serena in The Wicked West Coast is a natural blonde who has dyed her hair brown).


There is a chapter in The Wicked West Coast where they go to a frat party. I chose to call the frat Delta Alpha Delta, which could be shortened to DeAD in order to super low-key foreshadow the unfortunate events that would occur afterwards. (That chapter is no longer up but will eventually return when I finish editing the story).


In Trapped, the art teacher whose classroom they are stuck in was inspired by my own art teacher in high school. She was super cool, let us play whatever music we wanted on her stereo, talked openly about drugs and dressed in strange but cool clothes.


Trapped was the first short story I ever wrote on Wattpad. I wrote it because I wanted to practice writing short stories, since I’d heard that in order to write proper novels you should master the short story first. I never in a thousand years imagined it would become my most successful story or that it would reach 2.9M reads.


I rarely ever mention another story, show or movie in my stories if I haven’t already read or seen them. For example, in Holly & Ken, for their English project Ken and Daniel decide to do Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, which I read for an English course. In that story, Holly’s favourite book is Flowers In The Attic, which I read in high school. In Good Things Come In Threes, Sam reads the story Brave New World for school, which I had to read in grade eleven. She also gives Roman The Catcher In The Rye, which I read in grade eight. In Don’t Let Me Go, Taren and Scarlett watch Intolerable Cruelty, which I had recently watched at the time.


A lot of my stories happen in California or New York (The Wicked West Coast, Flight:3283 Delayed, Don’t Let Me Go) because those are the two states I’ve visited the most and which I find the most interesting.


Otherwise, I try to keep location vague because I’m Canadian and having to choose between using Canadian or American slang is too irritating. Certain stories could occur anywhere in North America (or other English-speaking countries I suppose) so that I can write any which way I like haha. (Trapped, Holly & Ken, 18, Crazy).

If you like this let me know! Maybe I’ll make a part II later on down the road 🙂


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