I Am Not Destined To Live Forever

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*This post is not ideal for optimists

My 22nd birthday was yesterday (or 2 hours ago if you want to get technical) and all I feel is melancholy. I know that 22 is still super young and I have my whole life ahead of me but I think this is the first birthday where I feel depressed that I’ve aged so much. I went out with my friends on Saturday night and found myself hating it when they would yell happy birthday for the world to hear. I didn’t want the attention and I didn’t want to celebrate my aging. Tonight, when my family friends were singing “Happy Birthday” with the cake in front of me I couldn’t wait for the moment to end. I don’t care to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on any Facebook posts left on my wall – I might even hide my birthday next year so I don’t get the useless best wishes. I just don’t want to age and I don’t want the attention of aging.

Stop Stealing Music | Op-Ed

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Stop stealing music.

Okay so I’m just as guilty as the next person for illegally downloading music during my time. I used to have LimeWire on my computer and I even did that whole YouTube → MP3 thing in high school. But to be fair, at the time music was expensive AF. You had to purchase CDs in order to listen to your favourite band or buy a single for $1.29 on iTunes if you wanted to keep things legal. And don’t get me wrong, I totally purchased music back then. But only from artists whom I truly adored at the time. Otherwise, I’d download away.

But times have changed and things are different now. Online streaming is totally free AND by doing it you’re still supporting the musicians and talent. I’m in a media program and am surrounded by fellow music lovers and media makers so most of my peers stream music and pay for their favourite tunes. Mainly, because listening to music that isn’t the highest of qualities is just painful for us media students. But also because a bunch of us want to work in the music industry (including myself) and we understand the importance of keeping the business alive. However, when I venture out of my field, I am shocked to see the amount of people who are still illegally downloading music.

Why is this still happening!?

Which Story Should I Post Next?

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Alright so new year means new original story by yours truly. Spin-offs, old stories, and sequels aside, here’s a list of potential stories I’m thinking of uploading next and would love to know which you’d be more interested in reading.

The other night I was going through the collection of stories I’ve written and saved on my computer. I read a few of them and realized I’m willing to re-write and finish them but the issue is I don’t know which one to focus on because I was impressed with more than one (younger me wasn’t such a bad writer).

This is where you come in. Which one would YOU like to read? Because I am ultimately posting it for you.

I’ve listed them by genre and rough description. I don’t have titles yet so I’ll just call them “potential”.

Favourite Beauty Products of 2016

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Here are the best things I used this past year. They include favourite makeup, hair, skincare products and fragrances. Some of these were already mentioned in my Spring favourites btw.

What have been your beauty favourites this year? I’d love to know!

Best Stories I Read On Wattpad This Year

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I’m MOSTLY sure that I read these stories this year but it’s possible that some were read in 2015. Either way, I loved these ones and think they’re definitely worth a read. They won’t be in any particular order.

There aren’t very many here simply because I haven’t had much time to read this year and also because (I hate to say this) a lot of the stories I’ve read on Wattpad have been sub-par. Perhaps, I need to look harder for the hidden gems because I’m certain they’re out there.

If there are any stories you think are as good as these ones and that I must check out, please let me know! (If they’re completed all the better).

Trapped Bonus Excerpt (The Proposal)

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So I was getting a lot of comments asking for a proposal scene between Carson and Harley. And I am a writer of the people so of course I complied. Originally, I’d written this in reply to a comment for a proposal. Of course, that was lost in the sea of other comments so I pulled it up and decided to post it here so it’s easily found for future readers and re-readers.


Favourite Beauty Products (Spring 2016)

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I know super random subject but I’m a bit of a makeup junkie and wanted to stay active on my blog so I figured, hey, why not make a post about my favourite makeup products? Combining two of my loves makeup + writing. FYI this isn’t sponsored so you’ll get my genuine opinions on products because I know YouTube can be a little iffy because many of them are getting paid for what they say (no matter what disclaimers they feed you lol).

*Also sorry if a lot of these products are pricey because they’re from Sephora but they’re products I genuinely love.

Working on a new short story!

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I know, I know I already have two uncompleted stories on my page, why add another one? Because I want to! I am feeling super guilty for not updating Don’t Let Me Go btw but I’m at a major writer’s block with that one. I’m hoping come May I’ll be able to settle my issues with it because I won’t have school weighing me down anymore.