January 2018

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Favourite songs of the first month of the year!


December 2017

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My favourite songs of December (last favourites of 2017 ahhh)

Music I Couldn’t Live Without In 2017


Music is a major part of my life so I thought it was only right to make an end of the year list commemorating my 2017 in song. The reason I titled the post this way is because the music I loved the most in 2017 wasn’t all necessarily released in 2017 (though a bunch of it was!), I just happened to be paying attention to it this year.

Below, we have my favourite albums, most spun vinyls, favourite live shows and top played songs on Spotify in 2017.

(In no particular order).


Harry Styles – Harry Styles

Boo did not disappoint. I’m a big fan of Harry Styles. I like everything about him, to be honest, his voice, his personality (or the impression I get of his personality), his aesthetic, and most importantly I love his first solo album.

I love that he stayed true to his tastes and released an album he genuinely loves. You can totally tell how much happier he is performing his own music. (Watch below.)

It also helps that it’s exactly the type of music I like. My favourite song off the album is hands down Woman. It was my second most played song on Spotify this year. Harry Styles is an album I can listen to back and forth without skipping a single song.

October 2017

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Favourite tunes of October!

July 2017

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Fave tunes of the month of July! This was a huge indie rock month for me. Usually I have some variance but nope this was pretty solid indie rock. And I ain’t even complaining.

June 2017

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Favourite songs from the month of June!

May 2017

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Favourite songs of May